About Us

Nat and Steve

Our Approach

Our approach is a love-based inspirational methodology. The conditioning of this planet has created an environment of limitation and powerlessness in many minds. This is a critical time as the contrasts between light and dark are very stark. We want to remind everyone that even though the energies are changing, this is the most exciting time to be alive. Let's lighten up together and have fun!

Steven Anderson

Steven was involved at an early age with technology and computers. He established his own technology company in Colorado and still runs that today. In early 2014 Steven experienced a Revelation that exposed him to the non-physical realms and knowledge. Since then he has been working with his Guides, Angels, Extraterrestrials, his Higher Self, Jesus and other Spiritual Teachers and Ascended Masters to understand this process of atonement through forgiveness. Along with his partner, Natalie, they started Inspire Love Ministries at the beginning of 2018 to take all the knowledge they have learned and share it with others in a inspiring and uplifting way.

Podcast - Steve is interviewed by Paula Salmon with Unchaining Life

Natalie Bokelberg

Natalie received her Bachelor's in Education from the University of Wisconsin OshKosh and a Masters in Counseling from the University of Phoenix. In 2014, she met Steven, and they have been on this Spiritual journey together since then. She currently works as a Academic Advisor at CCD and teaches Guided Meditations and Tai Chi through the Inspire Love Ministry.